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We guarantee

  • Professional service
  • Availability
  • Friendliness and helpfulness
  • Speedy delivery
  • Opinion of client about our products and service is important.
  • All material aligned to CAPS

Business Profile

Our Vision

Doc Scientia strives to be at the forefront of teaching, development and advancement of Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences  and Physical Sciences.

Our mission
  • To develop and compile purposeful and competent educational and learning material for schools, learners and educators.
  • To continually empower, equip and develop educators.
  • To optimally prepare learners for the future.
Who are we?


  • Experienced
  • Highly qualified
  • Currently in education
  • Skilled markers of Gr. 12 final exam papers
  • Several co-workers hold senior positions during marking
  • Several co-workers are involved with the different exam panels of the respective provinces.
  • First language English speaking co-workers

For the teacher

  • Purposeful Textbooks and Workbooks written according to the requirements of the CAPS document.
  • Complete Answer Books for teachers
  • Preparation Files with:
    • work schedules;
    • lesson plans;
    • calendar with daily indications of work to be done;
    • forms: marking sheets, mark distribution, internal and external moderation, unfinished portfolio tasks;
    • transparency masters;
    • exercises and question papers with memorandums;
    • practical work:
      • prescribed formal and informal assessment tasks;
    • example of learner portfolio and teacher portfolio.
  • Teachers line:
    Telephone (011) 472 8728
    • Help line for teachers to provide help and answer queries.
    • Thursdays: 07:30 – 10:00
  • Enrichment courses
  • Practical Activity packages
  • CAPS document in both languages
  • Tips


2014 Preparatory examination papers and memos
Contact us
Gr 12 Exam Guidelines
Physical address:

11A Teater street

Florida Park




Postal address:      

P.O. Box 7011




Telephone: (011) 472 8728



Fax: 086 546 1423 


E-mail: info@docscientia.co.za


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CAPS document

Grade 7 - 9

Grade 10 - 12

Grade 10 Technical Sciences

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The Vuvuzela

For the learner

  • Purposeful Textbooks and Workbooks
  • Written in simple, easily understandable style.
  • Adequate exercises
  • Video references
  • Summaries after each unit
  • Mind maps after each knowledge area/term
  • Question paper in the format of final papers after each knowledge area
  • Tips

Exercise Books:


doscientia exercise books

  • Available for Grade 10 - 12
  • Extra exercises in Physics and Chemistry
  • Questions divided according to knowledge areas
  • Questions in the format of end-of-year papers: one word items, multiple-choice questions and contextual questions
  • Memorandums included
  • Complete answers included
  • Relevant video references after each knowledge area


  • Practical Activity Packages

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